Texas A&M University


College Station, TX





Ergonomics | Real-time Monitoring | Interactive

The goal of this project was to move test apparatus system control and experiment data onto a high-speed local Ethernet network. Real-time monitoring and analysis was achieved at a new workstation with PCs connected to the Ethernet network, each with multiple monitors for a large collaborative working space and clear view of experimental data.

  • 2 workstations PCs with discrete graphics cards, and low latency
  • NIC cards mounted under the workstation table.
  • 4 high refresh rate workstations monitors
  • Cabling and networking of new ethernet network with sufficient
  • bandwidth to ensure experimental data from the DAC
  • Interactive displays for collaborating, presenting and sharing
  • project information.
  • Tabletop touch panel for Room Control
  • AV video matrix that connects all inputs/output together and
  • ensures video scaling and audio routing.
  • Wood paneled wall feature that serves as the mounting surface
  • for the interactive displays and architectural statement
  • Procurement of standing height workstation with ergonomic mat.