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Printer/Plotter/Scanner Sales and Service

We sell and service most makes/models of printers and imaging devices. We have been servicing printers, scanners, copiers and plotters for over 15 years. Our certifications and specialties are in Lexmark, Brother and Hewlett Packard's full line of printers, scanners, copiers and plotters. Because of our relationships with these manufacturers, we can get parts many times within one day (depending on stock).

  • Hewlett Packard
    full line of printers and design jets.

  • Lexmark
    full line of printers

  • Brother
    full line of printers and all multi-function devices

Being certified in these manufacturers we can usually get parts very quickly, depending on stock of course. If parts are in stock we can usually get them next day.

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What our customers say about us

  • "QA Systems manages every device on my network and lets me worry about my business instead of IT related problems. They have proactively managed my IT needs for 3years. They know when a problem is occurring before I do. They fix it remotely without me even picking up the phone. We have complete confidence in their ability to make sure our network is going at all times for all my users. "
  • "QA Systems has been servicing our resort's printer needs for many years now. They are always responsive to our requests for assistance and we have complete confidence in their ability to return our printers to service. QA Systems pricing is fair and being able to rely on their timely service has allowed us to focus our attention to other IT needs at the resort."